Each Tuesday Sacred Waters Brewing Co. hosts a local non-profit doing great work in our community and donates $1 for each pint to their great cause between 5-8pm.

Join us to learn more about Leadership Flathead this week!  

Leadership Flathead educates emerging and current leaders about relevant issues in our community and giving them an opportunity to learn from local leaders and decision-makers through panels and discussions. Developed by the Kalispell Chamber in 1991, over 800 participants from more than 200 businesses and organizations have participated in Leadership Flathead. Many of these leaders still live in our valley and strengthen our community by serving in a variety of leadership positions through government roles, on committees or non-profit boards, and with service projects throughout our community. Connections made during Leadership Flathead participation are ongoing and a foundation of involved alumni maintains these relationships and pushes the program to grow each year.

This two-year leadership development program consists of a variety of skills-building and community awareness programs that stretch the thinking of participants across dozens of different industries. The first year of the program involves an overnight, developmental retreat and a comprehensive overview of our community through nine, one-day sessions, each focused on a different aspect of our community. Each class learns from local leaders and decision-makers, experiences unique tours, and cultivates their own leadership skills through presentations and group activities. Second-year participants are able to begin building stronger community relationships by assisting in the coordination of session days for the next class and are also challenged to assume a leadership role in a local organization of interest. In this way, participants use the skills and knowledge gained during the program to improve this community we all share together.



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