Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) programs are designed to create playful and surprising “a-ha” moments for students—the types of experiences that ignite a curiosity and excitement that can last a lifetime. Whether children are designing miniature houses from cardboard, building circuits, painting with natural dyes, or getting to know a live animal, STEAM activities foster children’s curiosity, creativity, and learning as they try things and explore the world around them.

STEAM programming includes experiences like tinkering with circuits and art materials to design a glow bug, working as a team to program a robot, collaborating with a community artist to make a sculpture, creating with art mediums from clay to fabric to paint, or giving feedback to a professional inventor on her new technology. While our programs may emphasize one or more of the STEAM disciplines, our overarching goal is to offer joyful, multi-sensory STEAM experiences that help students build STEAM habits of mind.

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