Join us for some fancy BINGO!  Each round offers everyone a chance to win. Local non-profits host each week and we donate $1 for each pint sold between 6 and 8pm. Join us for a good time and a great cause!

This week, you’ll be helping us support: BACKCOUNTRY HORSEMEN OF THE FLATHEAD. Learn more about their great work here:

BACK COUNTRY HORSEMEN of the FLATHEAD is a service organization formed in 1973.

OUR PURPOSE is to perpetuate enjoyable common sense use of horses in the backcountry: assist government agencies in maintenance and management of the resource; and educate, encourage and solicit active public participation in wise and sustaining use of horses and use by people commensurate with our heritage and the backcountry resource.

Our members are trained in defensive horse safety, horse and mule packing, first aid, principles of Leave No Trace for people and stock, and trail etiquette to provide them the tools to donate their time and labor to accomplish the projects.

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